In 2007, God began a work in my life that took me to Asia to work with Eden ministry, an anti-trafficking ministry. What I saw there, experienced there, shaped me. I knew that to come home and behave as if I did not see would be disobedience. I have advocated for them ever since in various ways. Also that year, God began the fulfillment of a life-long dream to adopt, specifically from China. Since I left my heart there in 2007, I suppose God saw fit to give me a way to retrieve it by bringing home a daughter from that mysterious place so in need of Him. Today I also advocate for adoption, especially special needs adoption whenever and wherever I can.

Alabaster Jar Ministries proudly supports these ministries overseas:


At Eden we seek to bring hope to women who have been victims of sexual abuse and trafficking. We are taking a stand against this injustice, and doing whatever we can to decrease the statistics in our region of the globe. We believe that the victims of sexual exploitation desperately need to be free and to receive holistic healing addressing the needs of body, soul and spirit. Every person who comes to us is uniquely created by our Father and has her own set of needs. We strive to meet these various physical, emotional and spiritual needs through our medical clinics, shelters and alternative career training programs.



To enable women to have a sustainable income during their journey of restoration, we created Eden Jewelry, an international jewelry company. Jewelry making has been one of the most effective alternative career options available through our program. All the proceeds from the jewelry sales go to salaries for the girls and food and shelter expenses, as well as providing new training opportunities. Host an Eden Jewelry Party in your home, at your church or anywhere else that you can gather some friends!

BUSINESS OWNERS We also have wholesale opportunities available.

To buy Eden Jewelry directly from Eden Ministry, please click here.


Eden Ministry has set up supervised apartments, where women who are ready to leave prostitution can get free room and board. Trained counselors are on site to mentor, disciple and counsel the women through their healing journey and to help them grow spiritually in Christ. Due to the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STDs in Asia, Eden is also involved in helping these women understand more about the daily health dangers they face. We offer crisis pregnancy counseling, free medical check-ups and treatment. Get together with your Sunday School class or Small Group, co-workers, or donate individually to support our shelters, medical clinics, education initiatives and career training.


 Dr. Joyce Hill and her husband Robin had a vision to help the local Chinese Children’s Welfare Institutes in the work that they do, caring for abandoned babies. In February 2000, the Hills opened their first home to children, in a small village south-east of Beijing. They provide care and medical treatment for babies with surgically correctable deformities are treated as if they were their own children.  The Hills have now built a new home in the north-east of Beijing using the same model as the first. This home accommodates 56 babies as well as being the center for babies to be fostered into local homes in the surrounding area. From this home they also manage several other special care units in China. Their vision is to meet the very specific needs of very young babies either at risk or in need of surgery that would not otherwise be available to them.



As with all organizations our biggest need is for financial support to pay the day-to-day running costs of the homes that we run. As of 2011, children are cared for in six units, Shun Yi main foster home which includes Love Without Boundaries, Heartbridge Step-up Step-down unit, and a foster care program working with local families, and the existing special care units in Jiaozuo, Luoyang, Xinyang and Zheng Zhou. The total capacity of all these units is 320 beds. We employ over 500 local people in these units. Our general running costs, covering all of the units, are approximately US$160,000 per month.


Because our numbers are constantly increasing we are always in need of medical supplies, and anything you can provide is helpful. The items we most need are over the counter medicines, prescription medicines, creams, gels, medical supplies, nutritional and hygiene supplies as well. Please visit our website for a detailed description of what items you can send and a list of contacts that can ship them for you based on where you are located.

For a list of specific needs at the New Hope Foster Home in China, please click here.