Packing List



Things to Bring for Parents/Family members:

Antibacterial Wipes

Purell Hand Sanitizer


Baby Diaper Bag

Books, magazines, journals, games, Bible

Camera, SD cards, charger

Video Camera, charger

Casual Clothing for 3-5 days (You will use hotel/local laundry services, each location you are in will be a 3-5 day stay, you will have plenty of time to have laundry done)

1-2 pairs of really comfortable shoes (Tennis shoes or walking shoes. I cannot stress enough how much I recommend you NOT wear flip flops. People urinate in the streets, restaurants do dishes in the streets sometimes….it’s just not a good idea)

Credit Cards (Leave Debit cards at home!)

International outlet adapter

Band-Aids, Neosporin, Alcohol Swabs, Q-tips, Tweezers, etc.

International Calling Card

Laptop, iPad, charger

iPod, charger, headphones/earbuds, small portable iHome speaker (I used the speaker to play lullabies for naps/bedtime)

Money pouch that hangs around the neck, fanny pack



Personal Toiletries (makeup, feminine items, sundry items, toothpaste/toothbrush-most hotels will have soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and many hotels in China also have a comb, mouthwash, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste as well)

Portable flashlight/batteries

Scissors and a pouch to store them in (Put this in your checked baggage, not your carry on! The pouch is not only for safety, but it will keep them from puncturing your luggage or clothing, as well as keep them out of sight for your new arrival.)

Ponchos/Rain jacket

1-2 cardigans or light jackets (The hotel lobbies can be very cold.)

Snacks (granola bars, protein bars, small individual containers of peanut butter, nuts, yogurt raisins, etc.)


Ziplock Bags (Gallon and quart and snack sized. Bring at least a box of each. Take them out of the boxes and store them in one large Zippie bag. You will use these [and the scissors] almost daily!)

Tylenol PM, Simply Sleep, Chammomile Tea, Valerian Tea, Melatonin – all for sleep!

Personal Meds (Prescription, as well as OTC like : Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Immodium AD, Colace/Stool Softeners, Pepto- Bismol, Food Enzymes, Zantac, Allergy/Cold medicine, Afrin, Saline Spray, Benadryl liquid and gel or spray, Eye drops. I recommend bringing several things for stomach upset, just in case.)

Tea Bags/Sugar Packets (Your hotel will have a hot water kettle for boiling water. You’ll use this for sterilizing bottles, pacifiers, and even making noodles! I brought my own tea and sugar and made tea in the room in the mornings or whenever. You could even bring some instant coffee packs too.)

Rubber Bands

Toilet paper

Plastic forks/spoons (A must!)

Prunes (The BEST way to stay regular. Buy the individually wrapped ones and pass them out to your family in the mornings before breakfast or before bed. I even gave them to our daughter and she didn’t have the constipation issues most kids had. They will eat ANYTHING, so it’s worth the try.)

1-2 Enemas for worst case scenarios. Yes, I’m serious.

Earplugs, Earplanes (For altitude pressure on flights.)

Icy Hot patches for back and neck, Neckroll for the plane

Vacuum seal bags for luggage (The kind that don’t require a vacuum cleaner, you just squeeze the air out.)

Small travel bags of laundry soap for washing things by hand that get dirty (i.e., pooped on, thrown up on, etc….)

Sunscreen, Bug repellant

Flushable Toilet wipes

Sewing kit


Undergarments (Undies, Bra, Socks)

Jewelry (I didn’t bring extra jewelry. I only brought what I was wearing the day we flew to China: a watch, my wedding band and some ladybug post earrings. If possible, leave the diamonds at home. When you shop and bargain, the more bling the more bucks you’ll pay.)

Gifts for the officials, Gift bag/Tissue Paper/Envelopes for the officials’ gifts (Don’t go overboard, you don’t hand it to them personally, they don’t even know which family it’s from, so keep it simple, I did way more than was necessary)

Folders with your important paperwork. (I had one folder s that had several individual pockets inside. I did one folder for all our travel: plane tickets, hotel info, itineraries, etc. The other folder was copies of our passports/visas, extra passport photos, her referral information, a copy of our home study, etc.)

Extra pens


For Your new Baby/Child:

2-3 Bottles/2-3 nipples /large box of bottle liners (I was not expecting Hope to be on a bottle but she was. I chose to bring the bottles with the disposable liners because I wasn’t sure how clean I could get plastic bottles in China and didn’t want to have to wash them out. Great decision…I recommend the Playtex disposable liner bottles and nipples.)

Baby Wipes

Baby shampoo (Tearless)

Baby meds (Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, Pepto-Bismol, Mylicon Drops, Pedialax Enema, Glycerin Suppositories, Ambesol for teething)

Medicine dropper/measuring cup or spoon for liquid meds

Lice Shampoo

Presciption for Scabies Cream, Ringworm Cream

Oatmeal Bath Soap

1-3 Blankets



20 Diapers (You can buy more in China)

Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Powder, Changing Pads

Baby spoons/Forks

A container that holds formula. (This is so helpful when you are out and about. You will always have enough for a bottle on the go.)


Hats, Pajamas, Seasonal clothing (4-5 changes in 2 different sizes- you can buy more there)

Infant Thermometer

Socks/Gripper socks or slippers

Baby/Toddler Carrier or Sling

Simple, soft toys. (They will pack easier.)

Balloons. (These are a GREAT toy. Blow up a few, play with them and toss them away when you are done.)

Books (I recommend picture books so you can start speaking English words for the pictures), Backpack for child, Doll

2-4 cheap plastic table cloths from the party section. (I used these as playmats in the hotel, airport, etc. When you are done with the location, you roll it up, throw it away, break out a new one when you get to your new destination.)

2-3 Sippy Cups (Bring a few different lid types)

Photo Album (Pictures of family/your pets/your house for the child to look through.)

Headbands (Work better than barrettes, as many children have had their hair shaved)

Swimsuit/Swim diapers

Bubbles are a great toy too!

Lotrimin cream


Instant Oatmeal packs

Baby Noodles

Sticky placemats

Suckers (A must have for bribery, happiness and general well-being.)


Things You will not need to pack:

Hair Dryer (Provided by the hotel)

Stroller (You can rent from hotel or a local store)

Car Seat

Dressy clothes…keep it casual.

Water Bottles


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